Grégoire Mallard

Associate Professor

Department of Anthropology and Sociology of Development

Welcome !


I have joined the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in January 2014. Here in Geneva, I conduct research on the role of law in the process of globalization. I adopt a sociological perspective to understand the production and use of legal texts and their interpretation; and to explain how expert knowledge is mobilized in academic and policy fields.

My research field sites include places where I can study the production of nuclear governance, both at the global level, as well as regional levels (in Europe or in the Middle East in particular). I also study the production of legal artifacts used to regulate capital flows and international trade, which I study in a historical perspective. I have also conducted ethnographic research on literary interpretation as well as research evaluation.

I am particularly interested in advising PhD students who work in the following fields: sociology of knowledge and culture; political sociology (with a focus on the role of experts and bureaucrats in colonial and post-colonial states); law and society (with a focus on transnational and international legal regimes).

I speak fluently French and English and can also read/speak Spanish and Italian.